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Founded on integrity; dedicated to relationships.

Triad Sourcing brings 30 years worth of experience in providing first-class service to buyers and sellers of computer hardware and related products.

Who is Triad Sourcing and what do we do?

Simply put, Triad Sourcing trades in computer hardware and related items. We are a unique company founded on five key principles: honesty, transparency, integrity, responsiveness, and attention to detail. Through honest and documented transactions we establish trust and confidence with our clients and suppliers. We buy, inspect, test, and clean approximately 4,000 units per month and our goal is to build long term mutually beneficial relationships with clients and suppliers.


Our highly competent audit team will sort, grade, test, and clean your laptops or iPads for you. We also can do skinning, boxing, and labeling for those of you that sell online. We offer very competitive pricing which we’re sure will make your decision an easy one.

Owner & Founder Jeff Morris brings more than 30 years of successful business experience and his entrepreneurial spirit, straight forward negotiations, integrity, and follow-up regimen ensures that all involved receive the best care before, during, and after every sale.
Our varied range of products ensures that Triad Sourcing can source the right items at the right price for each and every client. This is how we put our global expertise at your fingertips as we know too well there is always so much to do and so little time.

Already know your requirements?

Contact us today with your name, contact information, and a brief explanation of your needs. One of our representatives will reach out to you in order to provide you with pricing and other details.

Exceptional Customer Service

No job too big, no project too small – we are the best at what we do and we are here to help you fulfill all your product needs. We ask you to allow us to gain your trust, one transaction at a time.

Units Processed Per Month

Years of Successful Business Experience

IT Asset Disposition

TRIAD SOURCING is your local and regional resource for your profitable IT asset recovery. We make removing and purchasing your outdated product an easy project. We always pay a competitive price based on our experience and the current market appetite. We demonstrate our integrity by honoring our commitment. We can pick up your used or surplus hardware on site and use our expertise along with our logistical partners to ensure maximum recovery value for resale. We also perform industry compliant data and/or material destruction with a reasonably quick turnaround.

Grading Requirements and Expectations


iPads & Macbooks


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Triad Sourcing look for in a supplier or client?
We are always looking for longevity and loyalty but the dedication to details and no gray areas is just as important. Our established suppliers appreciate that we are clear with what we believe we are purchasing (expect the same back) and pay quickly. Our clients value that we have good sources of supply; are thorough in our inspection of the goods and that we ship what we represent. We also stand behind what we sell.
What is TRIAD SOURCING most important value to a potential client or supplier?
We are very detailed oriented and our quality control, presentation and packing are all well above industry norms. Our main business is offering good quality ready for resale products.
How doES TRIAD SOURCING grade it's inventory?

We use our own grading system that is synchronous with most of our clients. This system is based on the state of the product as a whole which is determined by the level of damage, whether or not parts will need to be replaced or repaired, and of course, the overall look (i.e. whether or not there are dings, scratches, marks, or cracks).

DoES TRIAD SOURCING offer a warranty?

Typically, our policy is to offer 30 days for DOA  and damaged units.

What is TRIAD SOURCING's main focus?

Our main focus is purchasing for stock and allowing us to do our inspection, testing, grading, and cleaning.


While we do flip lots on occasion, we largely offer from our stock.

What are TRIAD SOURCING's payment terms?

We work off of a prepayment before shipment of goods.

All major credit cards are accepted with an additional 3% convenience fee. 

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